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Privacy policy

We understand how important it is to keep your personal information safe and secure and we take this very seriously. We have taken steps to make sure your personal information is looked after in the best possible way and we review this regularly.

Please read our privacy notice (‘Privacy Notice’) carefully, as it contains important information about how we use the personal and healthcare information we collect on your behalf.

This privacy notice explains why the practice collects information about patients, members of staff and visitors to the practice, known as Data Subjects and how we use your information. Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) information about your physical and mental health, racial or ethnic origin and religious belief are considered as special category (sometimes known as sensitive) personal information and is subject to strict laws governing its use.

Our privacy notice explains the ways in which such information may be used, and your rights under the UK General Data Protection Regulation. The Practice is legally responsible for ensuring its processing of personal information is in compliance with the general data protection regulation. The practice becomes what is known as the data controller, which simply means that we are responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of the personal information that you provide us with.

Date published: 18th October, 2014
Date last updated: 17th July, 2023