Undercliffe Surgery

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Medical education

Please note that since August 2004 the Practice has been approved as a Training Practice for fully qualified Doctors proposing to enter full-time General Practice.  The Doctors on this scheme will be an important and integral part of the surgery.  Occasionally patients seeing Doctors will be asked to consent to the consultation being recorded for training purposes.  This is entirely voluntary, and patients are free to decline if they wish.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic training processes have been amended to reflect implemented safety measures.

Previously trainee GP’s would video record their face to face consultations which would be reviewed with their trainers. As we are now offering telephone consultations the trainee GP’s will now be assessed on recordings of these calls.

We have been recording telephone calls for several years following an upgrade to our telephone system. All recordings are kept securely on our server and do not leave the building. The recordings used for this assessment will be shared with our on-site trainers and those at the local and national training programme.

Patients can decline this recording and will be booked in with an alternative clinician.