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Self help

Fortunately, serious illness for most people is uncommon and the majority of problems, whilst causing discomfort, are self-limiting and get better by themselves. More patients these days are happy to treat themselves at home rather than see the doctor. The practice supports this trend and recommends the advice of our local pharmacist, but would stress that if there is any doubt about a problem that is of concern, then you should contact the surgery for further advice. We would rather see a problem and give advice and reassurance than miss a potentially serious illness. Please remember, however, that we do not have a cure for everything and in particular that antibiotics are not effective against coughs and colds.

We recommend that every household should keep a small medicine cabinet with a stock of medicines – Paracetamol for aches and pains and temperature control (particularly important for babies and small children), antacid mixture for indigestion, calamine lotion for bites and stings, antiseptic for cuts and grazes, and rehydration sachets for diarrhoea and vomiting.