Undercliffe Surgery

01924 403406


The number to ring to book, change or cancel an appointment is 01924 403406.

The surgery operates an appointment system.  Appointments for GP’s and Advanced Practitioners are available up to two weeks in advance and for Practice Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Phlebotomist are available up to four weeks in advance.  The surgery also operates a system of a duty doctor who will see patients requiring an appointment the same day, ensuring minimal wait when appropriate.
“KEEP IT OR CANCEL IT” – if you are unable to attend your appointment please remember to cancel it.

Doctors & Advanced Nurse Practitioner Consulting Hours

The doctors are happy to offer telephone advice where necessary.  If you wish to speak to one of the doctors in this way, please inform the receptionist and the doctor will ring you back.  Please note, except in emergencies, the doctor cannot be interrupted during a surgery.

Please remember that other health professionals are available to advise you on health matters, and that an appointment with one of the Practice Nurses or Health Care Assistant may be more appropriate.  Local pharmacists are also trained to deal with a variety of health issues.

Nurses, Health Care Assistant & Phlebotomist Consulting Hours

If you are unable to attend a surgery appointment for any reason please inform the surgery as soon as possible by phone (01924 403406).

Home visits

Whenever possible, please help us by coming to the surgery rather than requesting a visit.  You will usually be seen sooner and the facilities available at surgery make diagnosis and treatment simpler.  Most patients now have easy access to transport, either their own or through family and friends, and there are few conditions which would be worsened by a short car journey.  If you are too ill or unable to come to surgery, then please telephone your request for a visit before 11.00am.  Should a situation arise later in the day that may require a visit the same day, please contact the surgery as soon as possible so that the doctor on call can be alerted and deal with the situation as appropriate.

When requesting a visit you will be asked by the receptionist to give brief details of the problem.  This is to allow prioritisation and assessment of the urgency of the visit.

Out of Hours

When the surgery is closed there is always medical advice available for problems that cannot wait, but this will not usually be one of the practice doctors.  NHS Kirklees is responsible for the Out of Hours Service.  To contact the Out of Hours Service when the surgery is closed, please call NHS 111.

Please remember that this is for urgent medical problems only.

Extended hours

We’re working together with our neighbouring practices to bring you more appointments when our surgery is closed.  From 1st August 2019, you will be able to see a doctor or nurse on weekdays after 6.30pm, and weekends at Liversedge Health Centre.  If you need an appointment at these times please tell a member of our Patient Liaison Team who will be able to book an appointment for you.

Appointments will be available:

Monday to Friday  6.30pm—9.30pm

Saturdays 9am—4pm

Sundays 9am—1pm

How to Find Liversedge Health Centre, Valley Road, Liversedge, WF15 6DF

We are on the 268 bus routes between Cleckheaton and Heckmondwike.  The nearest bus stops are outside Job Centre Plus (to Heckmondwike) and prior to Valley Road (to Cleckheaton).


The doctors will try to respond quickly to any situation but cannot provide an emergency service.  On rare occasions it may be quicker and safer to call an emergency ambulance by dialling 999.

You may be advised to call an ambulance under the following circumstances:-

  • To accidents where there may be serious injury.
  • Where someone may be suffering a life-threatening illness.
  • If someone is suffering severe chest pain.
  • If someone is suffering from severe asthma.