Undercliffe Surgery

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How to register

New patients are welcome to register with the practice and can do so via the receptionists.  All new patients will be invited to an appointment with the Health Care Assistant, when important information regarding their health will be collected and entered onto the practice computer system.  It is helpful if new patients’ NHS number is available along with 2 forms of identification (1 photo identification and 1 proof of address).  Staff will also check that new patients are entitled to NHS services.

To assist patients with the process of registering at the practice during the COVID-19 Pandemic we have made the registration forms available for you to download and print and complete yourselves.  Please ensure you familiarise yourself with the process including providing proof of identification and address and where to submit this information to (detailed in the registration form).  Please also ensure you provide ALL documents within the timeframes detailed on the registration forms.  Please be advised that each registration form MUST be accompanied with a completed GMS1.

Please click on the links below for the registration forms (selecting the one(s) that are appropriate to you:

Undercliffe 16 and over + GMS1

Undercliffe Under 16 + GMS1

Proof of Identity and Address